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What is Crime Stoppers?

Crime Stoppers of Wellington/ Sumner County, Inc. is a non-profit organization made up of citizens from the community. The organization has a Board of Directors which handle everything from funraising to reward authorization. Crime Stoppers is a joint effort between the community, the media, and the law enforcement to gather anonymous information on criminal activity. "Tipster", whose information leads to an arrest, may be illegible to receive a cash reward without ever giving their name. 

How does it work?

Crime Stoppers is a three way partnership between the Community, the Media, and Law Enforcement.  Citizens of the Community make up the board members, provide the financial backing through donations, and provide the Tips on criminal activity.  The Media publishes information about different crimes to the Community.  Tips from the Community are routed though the Coordinator to Law Enforcement for investigation.  When an arrest is made, the Crime Stoppers Board can authorize a cash payment to the Tipster.  The corner stone of any Crime Stoppers program is the ANONYMITY of the Tipster.


Why does Crime Stoppers keep the Tipster’s identity anonymous?

Routinely, law enforcement agencies encounter individuals who will not directly provide information. The three key reasons are: Fear of Reprisal, An Attitude of Apathy, and Reluctance to get Involved.  Anonymity allows tipsters to provide valuable information to law enforcement without these fears.  Law Enforcement, using this information, can focus their investigation in a particular direction.  However…  As with all anonymous information, law enforcement must verify the facts of the information against the facts of the case to secure an arrest.


Why does Crime Stoppers keep the Tipster’s identity anonymous?

Crime Stoppers pays anonymously in several ways which are not open for public knowledge.  Each payment is prearranged with the tipster so that they know exactly what they need to do to receive their reward.

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